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Our highly knowledgeable underwriting team has a wealth of experience leading a global portfolio of aviation business, enabling us to offer underwriting solutions over a diverse range of aviation classes. We understand the importance of responsive insurance to protect our clients from the evolving and increasingly complex risks they face.

Product Overview

We offer capacity to cover the following classes of aviation business: 


From turbo prop operators flying to some of the most remote airports to global air carriers operating fourth generation aircraft to the world’s mega cities. We insure over 200 airlines based in over 100 countries worldwide. We offer a product range which is comprehensive in coverage and scope in the aviation insurance sector including: 

  • Aviation hull, spares and liability policy coverage 
  • Hull war 
  • Hull deductible
  • Excess third party liability coverage

General Aviation (Fixed/Rotor Wing)

Our underwriting team possesses over 25 years of experience leading General Aviation business. Our wealth of experience enables us to quote and underwrite a global portfolio of General Aviation business that includes fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircraft, ranging from UAVs through state of the art private jets and helicopters to regional airliners and heavy iron. Our products include solutions for clients who use their aircraft for private purposes to those who use them for a wide range of commercial purposes. We take enormous pride in striving to provide a flexible and speedy service to all of our clients.

Aviation Products Liability

Products liability insurance is a requirement for any entity involved in the aviation supply or distribution chain – from subcomponent manufacturers to primary airframe and engine manufacturers and the associated companies that perform maintenance and repairs. The long-tail nature of these companies’ liability exposure demands high quality products and stable security. 

We are proud to insure some of the most recognisable names in the industry and offer insurance coverage for the following activities:

  • Primary airframe and engine manufacturers
  • Sub-component manufacturers
  • Maintenance and repair organisations (MROs)
  • Suppliers of components and spare parts

Airports and Ground Service Providers

We cover all aspects of aviation related “ground risks”, from the airports themselves (including air traffic control) to the ancillary operations, including various turnaround services and concessionaires who also require liability cover.  

We provide cover for the following activities:

  • Airport owners and operators
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Ground Handlers
  • Catering Services
  • Hangar keepers 
  • Refuellers
  • Security companies

Banks, Lessors, Finance Houses

We provide coverage to banks, lessors and other financial institutions to protect their assets whilst on lease to or being operated by others (contingent coverage) or whilst ‘off-lease’ and in the care custody and control of the lessor (possessed coverage).

Our aviation underwriting capacity:

  • Barbican Syndicate 1955, Lloyd’s of London
  • GIC Re (UK Branch Office)
  • China Taiping Insurance (UK) Ltd
  • China Pacific Property Insurance Co., Ltd
  • Trans Re


Nexus Claims

We offer a full claims management service


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