Perceptive Underwriting

15 August 2018

Total Computer Networks

Even when they started in 2003, the computer reseller market was very crowded so Total Computer Networks (TCN) decided to distinguish itself by offering outstanding customer service. This approach has delivered growth, year on year. Now, among its 800 plus active customers, TCN supply and support some of the UK's most prominent businesses as well as many public sector organisations and smaller enterprises. 

In this very fast moving business, TCN need to have confidence in their sales inventory. In autumn 2011, they reviewed their trade credit arrangements and chose CIFS for its easy online reporting of 60 plus days debt and the rapid access to information about potential customers.

Much of the data is available online but what TCN particularly values is the responsiveness of the underwriting team at CIFS when an issue arises. Heather Gout of TCN explains:

At TCN we are committed to preserving our relationships with customers – even when things don’t go smoothly. Recently one of our very busy clients, a major force in UK retailing was implementing a new purchasing system. This had a few teething problems and payment became later and later. By consulting with Derryck Blackman and his team at CIFS we were able to continue to supply the company while remaining covered by our insurance.

Heather says of the company they are good to work with if you need to change limits quickly and they won’t pull the insurance cover unless there is a sound financial reason.

‘Plus you can have a conversation with them – as I often have late on a Friday afternoon! Their focus on the customer matches TCN’s - we would definitely recommend them,’ she concludes.

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