Perceptive Underwriting

14 August 2018

Integral Memory plc

Formed 25 years ago (as Just Rams plc), Integral Memory PLC is now one of Europe’s leading suppliers of memory devices, with a turnover of £60 million. Customers range from small traders to major international retail operations.

With subsidiaries in France, Spain, The Netherlands, Dubai and sales offices throughout Europe and as far afield as Australia, some 60 per cent of Integral’s sales are international.

Says Group Financial Controller, Bridie Jones:

Exporting on this scale demands an appreciation of cultural differences in different territories and the development of rigorous credit management techniques. To grow our business in the way we have has also required a credit insurer with an understanding that commercial realities can differ in terms of available information and the flexibility to take a collaborative approach with us in credit risk assessment.

Equally important to our business is the responsiveness of the CIFS team. To differentiate ourselves in the market we’ve invested in availability of stock and the ability to deliver rapidly following an order. It would be a wasted investment if we were hanging around waiting for numbers to be crunched – we need a fast, reasoned turnaround on limit requests and we get it from CIFS.

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