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Our specialist Pilot’s PA & Loss of Licence team, Millstream Global Flying, was established in 1996 and are recognised as one of the world’s leading and most experienced underwriting teams in aviation loss of licence insurance.

Product Overview

Our Millstream Global Flying team provide insurance to protect commercial pilots, including flight instructors and trainee pilots, against the financial consequences of losing their licence or being unable to complete their training as a result of bodily injury or illness.

We currently insure over 10,000 commercial pilots and trainees who fly for a variety of operators, ranging from leading airlines and niche executive companies to air ambulances and training schools, around the world. 

We offer a seamless conversion to a loss of licence policy for our trainee pilots upon completion of training and start of employment as a commercial pilot, and can provide full Personal Accident insurance for all pilots or their employers.

Whether you’re looking for cover for an individual, group or employee benefit scheme we can offer the right package.

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