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Our highly knowledgeable underwriting team is a major operator within the space insurance market with vast experience including the longest serving London Market space underwriter. We are pro-active and highly experienced in all aspects of policy coverage and claim settlements.

Product Overview

We offer capacity to cover the following classes of space business: 

Launch plus commissioning and follow-on orbit risks

We provide coverage for risks during launch as well as separation of the satellite(s) and subsequent testing and commissioning followed by on going in-orbit operations.

Stand-alone in-orbit coverage

After coverage expires for the Launch plus 12 months in-orbit policies and commissioning has been completed, we are able to offer annual in-orbit policies covering all risks derived from the operation of many types of satellite.

Satellite Loss of Revenue insurance

In addition to providing coverage for the value of the satellite asset, we can also provide coverage for loss of revenue arising from the failure of the satellite.

Satellite manufacturer’s incentive insurance

This product provides insurance to cover a satellite or component manufacturer’s contractual incentive payments should they be withheld in the event of a product failure.

Launch Risk Guarantee coverage

A launch services provider may offer a free re-flight or a cash refund in the event of a launch failure that prevents the satellite reaching a useable orbit or being destroyed. This insurance product will provide insurance for the launch services provider to cover the costs of providing a new launch or cash refund.

Launch and in-orbit third party legal liability coverage

We can create an insurance policy to cover third party property damage and bodily injury claims resulting from an occurrence caused by a launch vehicle or an orbiting satellite. Such legal liability policies are often required by the launching sates or the government of the domicile of the Insured domicile of the Insured and provides coverage for liability arising under the Convention on International Liability for Damage Caused by Space Objects 1972  (TIAS 7762).

Our Space Underwriting Capacity:

  • Barbican Syndicate 1955, Lloyd’s of London
  • QIC Europe Limited
  • GIC Re (UK Branch Office)
  • Faraday Syndicate 435
  • Trans Re
  • ANV Syndicate 1861, Lloyds of London


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