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*Up to £12.5m aggregate event limit

Group Accident and Sickness insurance is underwritten from the following locations:

UK Asia

Nexus Asia

Kevin Gotts

Nexus Co-Founder & Head of Specialty, Nexus Asia

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T: +852 2535 8388

Product Overview


Accidental Death (AD): provides lump sum compensation following death solely resulting from an accidental bodily injury.

Loss of Limbs; Loss of Sight; Loss of Speech; and Loss of Hearing: provides lump sum compensation following disablement solely as a result of accidental bodily injury which results in physical severance or permanent loss of use.

Permanent Total Disablement (PTD): provides lump sum compensation following disablement solely as a result of accidental bodily injury which entirely prevents an insured person from working in their usual occupation for the rest of their life following an accident and/or illness.

Permanent Partial Disablement (PPD): provides a variable sum insured dependent on the injury sustained for non-specific permanent injuries as a result of physical severance or permanent loss of use solely resulting from accidental bodily injury.

Temporary Total Disablement and/or Partial Disablement (TTD/TPD): provides a set payment amount or percentage of weekly income for up to 52 or 104 weeks in the event an insured person is temporarily unable to carry out their occupation following an accident and/or illness.

Travel: Comprehensive Group Travel programmes providing Medex, Cancellation, Personal Liability and other covers for specialist markets including mid/high net worth portfolios, associations, charities/NGOs, payment & other card programmes.

What we do

Our A&H team at Nexus offer a diverse selection of solutions to protect against Accident and Health related risks, to optimise business growth and provide accident related protection for your employees’ peace of mind. Accidents can not only impact on the injured individual, but can also affect the long term productivity, overheads, profit and even the future of a company if protection is not in place.

About our team

We specialise in working with UK and international clients, writing lead and follow lines on a direct and facultative basis within the traditional Lloyd’s broker market and SME business through regional brokers.
We focus on building long term relationships with brokers, providing solutions that enable them to service and tailor coverage to their client’s individual risk requirements.
We cover up to a maximum event aggregate limit of £12.5m and a maximum individual limit of £1.25m.
We write a worldwide book of A&H business across Lloyd’s licensed territories, with strong broker relationships in both established and developing markets.

We can

Provide expertise and knowledge to support you in all the stages of the product development lifecycle
Identify markets, develop bespoke wordings and create distribution channels for your new product
Take a solution-orientated approach bridging the gap between your clients’ needs and high quality market capacity
Offer a complete spectrum of products from accident, sickness and travel covers to innovative product development services

Target A&H Business Segments

Whether an organisation has a high risk activity, needs to provide cover to the members in order to comply with the legislation, or wants to enhance the membership benefit, Nexus Specialty provides valuable coverage for any type of organisation, association or affinity group such as:

• Colleges, Universities and Student Accident
• Amateur Sports Teams, Clubs and Associations
• Fishing, Ships and Yacht Crews
• Affinity and Credit Card Personal Accident
• Employee Benefit programmes
  • High Risk Groups
• Travelling Students and Volunteers
• Aviation Crew Personal Accident and Loss of License
• Business and Professional Associations and Unions
  • Stadium Events, Festivals, Fairs and Similar Event
• Corporate Entities from SME’s to Multinational Corporations
• NGO’s and/or Expatriate Personal Accident
• Corporate Catastrophe Cover

A&H Buying Motives

In addition to providing the highest levels of service, efficient claims handling and the benefits of a top quality product provided by Nexus, the following are reasons why A&H coverage is desirable for each customer group:

Insured Entities:
• Protects most valuable assets
• Optimise back to work basics
• Help attract and retain employees
• Positive contribution to staff morale
• Satisfies legal obligations (where required under local law)
• Enhances liability coverage or offsets liability claim
• Manages risk
• Enhances company image
• Brand protection
• Addresses ‘Duty of Care’ obligation
• Minimises Business Interruption
• Increases affinity
  Insured Persons:
All employees, customers, members and visitors can benefit from:
• Peace of mind
• Improved quality of life – post accident
• Protection for family including dependents
• Notion that ‘Company Cares’
• Alleviation of gaps in personal coverage
• Affordability with access to high limits.
• Increased product offering for clients
• Growing market need
• Additional revenue stream
• Improved client retention rates
• Creates cross selling product opportunities


Nexus Claims

We offer a full claims management service


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