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Nexus CIFS trade credit insurance policies not only deliver certainty to the trading environment they can also bring major commercial benefits in terms of:


Accurate information on existing and potential customers is provided promptly via the Nexus CIFS website, with instant decisions on appropriate trading levels a click away through our First Limit product.

Enhanced marketing

Marketing strategies are improved, as the information available means that slow payers can be avoided. Profitable sales are increased by directing effort to safe customers and new markets entered with confidence.

Reduced collection times

Late payers are often prompted to pay outstanding debts more quickly if they are aware that a credit insurer will be advised should invoices remain unpaid. Average collection times improve, particularly where the Nexus CIFS/STA International Integrated Collection Service is used.

Improvements in your own credit rating

Your own credit rating may be enhanced as bankers, suppliers and business partners recognise the security that the policy provides.

Reductions in your cost of finance

Finance availability and cost can be improved by using the policy as collateral and security. Rates on discounting bills of exchange may be improved by assigning the benefits of a policy to the bank or discount house.


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