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The key account policy offers the possibility to insure the most strategic buyers in your portfolio. Usually these will be the biggest buyers. All regular credit insurance cover is available like insolvency, default, political risk and pre-credit risk. An insolvency of one of the biggest buyers has a big impact and that’s why this risk can be insured in a key account policy. An insolvency with one of the smaller buyers can usually be absorbed by the insured without insurance. This means complete freedom for the majority of the portfolio and protection for the strategic, biggest buyers.

Key account insurance is underwritten from the following locations:

UK USA France Germany Netherlands

Nexus UK

Mike Holley

Non-Executive Chairman

E: Email
T: +44 (0) 203 693 9317

Nexus USA

Antje Seiffert-Murphy

US Country Head

E: Email
T: +1 (646) 593 8682

Nexus Germany

Henning Siess

Head of Business Operations - Germany

E: Email
T: +49 (0) 40 99999 3094

Nexus Netherlands

Frank Masteling

Head of Nexus Trade Credit - The Netherlands

E: Email
T: +31 (0) 346 715 075

Product Overview

  • The insured can select the buyers to be insured assuming these are the most strategic ones
  • Minimum number of buyers in the portfolio is five
  • Ground-up cover with 90% indemnity is possible
  • Credit limits are non-cancellable for 12 months


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We offer a full claims management service


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