Perceptive Underwriting

Spring 2016

New Nexus claims management protocol

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and fast and fair claims settlement is a vital selling point of the insurance industry worldwide.

Nexus has put together a Claims Management Protocol which all its classes of business will follow and adhere to in the event of a loss notification, and here is an outline of what we look to achieve with each and every claim we handle.

We recognise that no two claims or customers are the same but, once agreed, our claims procedure will be fast, efficient and straightforward. We will adopt a bespoke claims handling process which enables the prompt response that brokers and their clients expect.

We will do our best to understand at the time of notification that, whilst the facts surrounding the claim may often be vague, customers and brokers are being prudent in notifying the possibility of a claim being made to which our response will not be one of trying to “find a way out.”

Claims will be handled by Nexus personnel with the appropriate level of experience and expertise, and caseloads will be managed to maintain high standards of service.

We will look to consistently recognise and observe best market practice, respond to calls within two working days and keep all interested parties informed of claims resolution strategies agreed and any changes discussed. Lastly, claims information and statistics will be provided on request.