Perceptive Underwriting

Autumn 2017

Nexus Bulletin

Colin Thompson
Founder and Group Executive Chairman
Nexus Underwriting Management Limited

Much water has passed under the bridge since our last bulletin, not least that it’s no longer called the 150 Bulletin as we have recently moved not far down Leadenhall Street to the impressive Hallmark Building at numbers 52-56.

There has been a flurry of exciting acquisitions during the year so far and, in July, we raised a further £30 million capital by way of loan facilities giving us the ability to undertake further merger and acquisition activity.

A couple of months earlier we were featured for the first time in the 2017 London Stock Exchange’s report 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain. This annual report features the UK’s most dynamic and fastest growing businesses and it’s a credit to all our employees that we were included in this prestigious report.

Another exciting announcement was the successful fruition of an initiative with Beazley Syndicate to provide Cyber insurance with via our broker network, whereby we will underwrite a new line offering third party cover up to a maximum limit of liability of £5,000,000 in the aggregate per policy.

I interestingly attended the Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous for the first time with Kieron Farrelly, CEO, and Chris Holland, Vice President of Nexus Re following the completion of the deal with ZON Re. During the Rendez-Vous, I met with many other figures in this bustling re-insurance market, as well as the media, and there was much to discuss, not least the busy and topical hurricane season.

Enjoy this bumper edition of our Bulletin and hope to see you at our new location soon.

With best wishes,

Colin Thompson
Colin Thompson
Founder and Executive Chairman of Nexus

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