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15 August 2018

T Brewer & Co. Ltd

South London-based timber merchant, T Brewer, has a long and distinguished history dating back to the company's formation in 1888. One if its current directors, Nick Brewer, is the great grandson of the business' eponymous founder.

A £7.5 million turnover, consistently profitable operation, T Brewer is focused on supplying materials for top-quality construction projects – notably residential developments in the most sought-after locations in and around Central London.

“It’s a market which is showing clear signs of recovery after the dark days of two years ago and we’re dealing with a high level of new business inquiries,” says joint managing director, Rod Scoles.

But as with most companies in the sector margins are under pressure. So comprehensive, cost-effective credit insurance protection is even more important than usual – with the consequences of customer failure in terms of the new business required to compensate – an increasingly important consideration.

Since 2003 the company has placed its credit insurance with CIFS. Initially the company made the move from Euler on price grounds but, says Rod Scoles, the decision has since been more than vindicated by CIFS’ service levels.

I can’t speak highly enough of the way in which CIFS deals with our business’ needs – there’s a real and productive dialogue with decision makers on limit requests – and we don’t get nasty surprises. Of course, we’re not always in total agreement, but we’re never less than confident that there’s a genuine reason for a limit declinature or cover withdrawal.

“The CIFS system is very easy to use and we’ve been very impressed by the new First Limit capability – so much so that we’re signing up to be an early adopter.”

“Above all CIFS are nice people to do business with – and we’ve recommended them to other companies in the sector who now share our views.”

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