Perceptive Underwriting

15 August 2018

Max Frank

Angie Brittan, credit controller at Max Frank, thinks that First Limit is 'absolutely one of the best tools around'.

The German-owned specialist which designs, manufactures and supplies a diverse range of technical solutions for the construction industry has a 35-strong staff complement at it its Stoke-on-Trent-based UK operation. Says Angie:

Because of the nature of our business we can’t afford to wait – even for 2-3 days – to determine whether we’re prepared to do business with a new customer. We need to secure the account straightaway as well as trade securely and First Limit gives us that capability, with an immediate response to our limit request.

“What’s more First Limit gives us a very good “hit rate” – we’ve only had one limit declined and even then the system notified us of a positive change in rating and we were able to pick up the business later anyway. That’s a functionality we’ve not found in any other similar offering.

“Nicola Blagden of our broker, Aon Trade Credit, was on board with our decision to use First Limit. We used the free live demo to play around with the system and went ahead after a trial run. Subsequently we arranged with CIFS to raise our initial trading limit under the system. It’s a great product.”

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