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Specialists with over 25 years experience of writing credit insurance and related products
Underwriting at Nexus since 2013
3 Underwriters
Up to USD $5m per single transaction

Single Situation Credit and Financial Risks insurance is underwritten from the following locations:

UK Asia France Germany Netherlands USA

Nexus UK

Jack Woodruff

Senior Underwriter - Specialty

E: Email
T: +44 (0) 203 693 9319

Nexus Asia

Kevin Gotts

Nexus Co-Founder & Head of Specialty, Nexus Asia

E: Email
T: +852 2535 8388

Nexus Asia

Nexus France

Vladimir Malenic

Head of Trade Credit - France

E: Email
T: +33 (0) 1 88 45 41 47

Nexus Germany

Henning Siess

Head of Business Operations - Germany

E: Email
T: +49 (0) 40 99999 3094

Nexus Netherlands

Frank Masteling

Head of Nexus Trade Credit - The Netherlands

E: Email
T: +31 (0) 346 715 075

Nexus USA

Antje Seiffert-Murphy

US Country Head

E: Email
T: +1 (646) 593 8682

Product Overview

The Nexus’ Single Situation team offers insurance solutions for financial institutions, commodity traders, importers, exporters, manufacturers and service providers seeking balance sheet protection for large exposures. We provide cover for non payment of goods and services as well as investment cover for clients that have assets abroad which are exposed to changes in both the political and security landscape. Our client base is spread across a wide range of industry sectors such as energy, industrials, materials, consumer staples, telecommunications and information technology.


  • Up to $5m Policy Limit of Liability per transaction

  • Single risk and named buyer programmes considered

  • Non cancellable limits offered as standard

  • Policy tenors of 3 years for Private Non Payment (CR) Risks and CF for 3 years

  • Minimum premium consideration of GBP 10k (USD 15k) any one policy

  • Geographic scope covers Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, North America, Latin America, Middle East, Asia and Australasia

  • Coverage for both Credit (private counterparties) and Contract Frustration (state owned counterparties)

  • Comprehensive non payment coverage provided for open account sales, letters of credit and bills of exchange, to a variety of trade finance solutions including receivable and inventory finance, pre-payment facilities and revolving credit facilities

  • Political Risk included as standard


About the Single Situation team

  • 3 underwriters
  • Specialists with over 25 years experience of writing credit insurance and related products


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