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Insurance for developers & latent defects insurance is underwritten from the following locations:

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Petra Kolesova

Assistant Underwriter

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Nexus France

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Associate Director

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Product Overview
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Equinoxe Pro-Immo – the perfect balance

Equinoxe Pro-Immo is a complete insurance solution created especially for property developers.

The designers of Equinoxe Pro-Immo were concerned not only with the issues of finance and Completion Bond management, but also with the difficulties relating to the technical risks of Structural Damage. That’s why all these have been covered in a single package which also includes Comprehensive Worksite and Developer’s Liability insurance.

Because each type of coverage is specific, several insurers are associated with the Equinoxe Pro-Immo policy so that it is adapted to the constraints of developers, and not the other way around. This makes it a solution which gives developers the security and peace of mind they need to plan their business with confidence. Equinoxe Pro-Immo means developers can save valuable time taking out their insurance, with the benefit of a packaged solution and a dedicated contact person.

Equinoxe Pro-Immo – a complete package

The package includes the following:

• Completion Bond coverage.
• Comprehensive Worksite coverage.
• Structural Damage coverage.
• Developer’s Decennial Liability coverage.
• Developer’s General Liability coverage.

Policy taken out with certain Lloyd’s of London underwriters and other insurance companies.

Equinoxe Pro-Immo – a balance of expertise

Equinoxe Pro-Immo is the result of combining complementary fields of expertise:

• Insurers: Lloyd’s of London – Casualty, AMTrust & General Insurance Company (Europe) Ltd who have operated in France for many years in technical risks (Structural Damage, Developer’s Decennial Liability, AWR, Developer’s General Liability).
• A Lloyd’s broker and MGA writing risks on behalf of certain Lloyd’s syndicates and London insurers: Nexus EBA, who has been building and finding innovative construction insurance solutions in France, Spain and Italy for many years.
• Managers in France: EKWI and DEKATRIA, who provide the legal, technical and financial expertise required for risk monitoring. EKWI and DEKATRIA members are recognised and highly specialised in construction insurance in France.

Equinoxe Pro-Immo – a new approach

We bring a completely new approach to the overall management of risks and insurance.

When you take out an Equinoxe Pro-Immo policy, this is accompanied by:
• a legal, technical and financial analysis,
• training in risk prevention,
• the setup or improvement of your After-Sales Service,
• personal follow-up.


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